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Treasure Digest: Our UCG Web Site a Treasure Trove

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Treasure Digest

Our UCG Web Site a Treasure Trove

Recently I began surfing through our UCG Web site and was absolutely amazed at what treasures it offers! Let me share what I found sleuthing through our ucg.org Web site.

Do you realize that our publications are available online? This includes 33 booklets, the "Bible and Archaeology" series, Good News magazines, United News, Vertical Thought, Vertical Christian Magazine, World News and Prophecy and the Bible Study Course— most from their beginning publication dates.

When I discovered this, out went some of my stacks of printed copies. In addition, there were 38 study papers, 31 article reprints and more than 200 sermon transcripts.

If you have not followed our Bible Reading Program, why not give it a try? It goes through the Bible book by book in depth, giving us background, overall themes, important facts and crucial lessons we can learn. At present, the study of the Old Testament is nearly complete (over 1,000 pages available in PDF format!) and the New Testament readings should begin soon.

I have listened to many of the outstanding Ambassador Bible Center classes. More than 350 sessions have been recorded and are available, covering the entire New Testament, the Pentateuch, our fundamental doctrines, comparative religion and other subjects. What a fantastic opportunity for most of us not able to attend ABC.

In addition, there are over 200 specially selected audiovisual sermons available from 2001 to the present. Have you been able to experience a World News and Prophecy seminar? You can choose among more than 20 presentations online. Over 60 Beyond Today telecasts are ready to access.

Do you want to cover a subject by topic? Just insert your subject into the UCG Web site search function and you may find a sermon or material that may be just what you are looking for.

Would you prefer to systematically go through books of the Bible? Both the Bible Reading Program and the Ambassador Bible Center classes are made to order!

Take time to surf, explore and profit by what is on our ucg.org Web site. Have fun and take advantage of its many treasures!