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Trip Report: Mumbwa, Zambia, Africa

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Trip Report: Mumbwa, Zambia, Africa

Prior to our trip, we were advised to use Nangoma road instead of branching off at Situmbeko to Kasumpa because that road was bad.

As advised, we drove straight to Nangoma where we found a route to Kasumpa. When we entered the gravel road we thought it was a good road. However, after driving for a few kilometers we discovered the road was not good as earlier thought, and we had to drop the speed of the car to 20 kilometers per hour! 

The road was muddy and eventually we got bogged down, and the four-wheel drive would not work either. Felicia and I had to try to push the vehicle out of the mud. Nonetheless, the vehicle would not move. We were there for some time, until I heard Felicia calling, “Jesus help us to push the vehicle!” I ignored her; we tried and failed. She asked me to pray to ask God to help us, but I did not listen to her. We tried and tried and failed. Felicia continued to ask Christ to help, and she said that I must give a short prayer for help. I conceded and prayed.

I called her to come and push again and told Muhau to start the vehicle. With very little effort the Ford moved out of the bog! That was a sure miracle; we would have spent the night there otherwise. God is always present in any situation. Inwardly, I asked myself why I did not pray right from the start.

We moved on until we reached Kasumpa with no trouble. We met with deacons Armstrong Maninga and Willard Katapya. When we were going to leave for Nalubanda, the deacons advised us that we could not reach the area due to impassable roads. They suggested we go to Mumbwa. We left Kasumpa and spent a night in Mumbwa, at the Lodge.

The following morning was Sabbath and we went to Mapoko to attend services with 36 brethren. Muhau donated some clothes to the youth in both Mapoko and Kasumpa. At Mapoko we found there was a funeral for a Church member who was a young lady and lived with her grandfather. We later attended the funeral, and we encouraged her grandfather. He was very thankful that we visited with him.

The purpose of the Mumbwa trip was to check on the Church membership and their projects.

On our way to Lusaka we stopped in Situmbeko to see some Church members. We visited with the Tembo family, the Silwiimba family and Judith Chewe. We were not able to see all the members. We left Situmbeko knowing all was well with the Church. We arrived in Lusaka late in the night.

Finally, congregations requested that we visit them regularly and that they were happy to see us. We wish you all the best during this Holy Day season.