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Troyer’s Hollow Weekend

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Troyer’s Hollow Weekend

A weekend in the midst of nature with no cell service and bullfrogs croaking in the river is a perfect getaway.

There were 50 adults and children in attendance at the weekend, and those who came slept in tents and ate most meals together.

The overall theme focused on God’s plan, God’s way, and God’s Church. Although this is a family activity, the focus of the Bible studies and seminars were geared toward young adults. A Bible study titled “How to Give an Answer to the Hope That Lies Within You” started off the weekend on Friday evening.

The Sabbath was relaxing in this deep valley amongst giant trees. Cowboy coffee, brewed over the campfire by pastor Randy Stiver, was shared with all who were able to handle the strong drink that was as thick as mud in some sips, yet delicious.

The Sabbath services included two split sermons. Randy Stiver gave the first sermon that focused on God’s plan. John Miller gave the second sermon and he focused his on God’s way. After services there was a potluck and a seminar about Church history given by Mr. Stiver. After dark some of the young adults enjoyed some time stargazing. Many stars and constellations were seen in the remote area where there are hardly any lights.

On Sunday morning there was a pancake social with a seminar about “How to Give an Answer” following. In this particular seminar the young adults were encouraged to role-play situations where they had to give an answer to coworkers, friends, family, etc. about their beliefs. The young adults involved in these activities all agreed this was very helpful in preparing them for the future encounters they may have. Overall, the weekend was a success.