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Two Milestones Reached for Women’s Enrichment Weekends: 20 Years and 10,000 Attendees!

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Two Milestones Reached for Women’s Enrichment Weekends

20 Years and 10,000 Attendees!

One milestone was the 20th Women’s Enrichment Weekend anniversary this past May in Spokane, Washington, with the theme “Looking Back, Moving Forward.” 

The Women’s Enrichment Weekends began in 1998 in Spokane and then the Seattle/Puget Sound Washington area under the direction and vision of LeeAnn Luker and Dyanne Dick. From that small beginning organized weekends began spreading throughout the country and later worldwide as women heard about or experienced the positive personal and spiritual benefits.

In the past 20 years, there have been over 140 UCG Women’s Enrichment Weekends spanning 16 U.S. states and several international areas, including Australia, Africa and the West Indies. With that expansion, we have reached our second big milestone: This year total attendances passed the 10,000 mark! The areas with at least 10 consecutive Women’s Enrichment Weekends as an annual activity are: Spokane, Washington (since 1998), Seattle/Puget Sound, Washington (since 1999), Garden Grove, California (since 2002), Queensland, Australia (since 2002), and Portland, Oregon (since 2006). Interest is growing as more are beginning for the first time.

These weekends were designed to create an environment in which women could actively help one another grow in greater spiritual maturity through presentations, interactive discussions and sharing of valuable lessons learned in life as we all follow God’s way. The atmosphere is one of women mentoring women as taught in Titus 2. As well, there are opportunities to make new friends and bond with others in a positive and supportive environment.

With the growth of the Women’s Enrichment Weekends and questions from those who wanted to host an event in their area, the Women’s Services area of the United Church of God saw a need to consolidate information on the Women of Valor website (women.ucg.org). Here you can find registration information about upcoming weekends, and guidelines and tips for hosting a weekend in your area.

We look forward to more and more areas being able to host Women’s Enrichment Weekends with more ladies being able to enjoy and profit from them.