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UCG to Offer Jordan "Ambassadors for Peace" Feast

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UCG to Offer Jordan "Ambassadors for Peace" Feast

The 2007 site carries forward the spiritual theme of "Ambassadors for Peace" as the overriding theme for the United Church of God's gospel efforts in the Middle East. In this vein, the Jordan site will include a service project as well as visits and speeches by the Jordanian royalty and dignitaries so that our brethren can learn more about important issues in the region and how the Church can better cooperate, promote peace and preach the gospel in the Middle East.

The 2007 site is a continuation of our ongoing, consistent involvement in the region that will also include other opportunities in the future, including Youth Corps and other projects.

An exciting focus this year is "Desert and Ocean Adventure in the Holy Land." Adventure opportunities include scuba diving and snorkeling in the world-renowned Red Sea, a four-wheel tour and bedouin lunch in the Wadi Rum desert romanticized by Lawrence of Arabia, as well as planned hikes in the ancient Nabataean city of Petra.

We will also conduct a hillside church service in the ancient Christian refuge city of Pella that includes a beautiful view of the Jordan Valley. The 2007 Feast will move between three locations—Amman (six nights), Petra (one night) and Aqaba (two nights).

Jordan remains an oasis of stability and security in a region that continually experiences turmoil. With the blessing of the Jordanian royal family, the group will be well cared for while in a country renowned for its unique bedouin hospitality.

Other tours include:

• Jerash, a beautiful Roman city of the Decapolis.

• Mount Nebo, where Moses viewed the Holy Land.

• The Dead Sea.

• Bethany on the Jordan River, where many believe Jesus was baptized.