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UCG.Radio: A Veritable Goldmine!

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A Veritable Goldmine!

Traditional radio as a listening format still remains popular after more than 100 years, and for good reason. Though it may seem counter-intuitive in our digital “on-demand” device-driven media landscape, the idea of serving up a stream of high quality messages appeals to many people who don’t always want to go searching for something to listen to. Instead, the advantage of our traditional-style radio station is that you don’t have to look for anything.

We’ve created a continuous stream of topics, quality speakers and readers, serving up sermons, sermonettes, class lectures, magazine and booklet readings, interviews, special features and dramatized Bible readings, presented under the banner of our own UCG.Radio. After more than 25 years of operations, the United Church of God has a goldmine of rich audio material to share on our station. You can listen anywhere you’re connected.

This week, a new website “ucg.radio” has been launched to support the station, and help answer the questions that listeners may have. It includes a radio schedule (adapted to your own time zone), and links to much of the content used on the station for those wishing to track down the source of something they’ve heard.

UCG Radio operates like a traditional radio station. That means you can’t rewind, fast forward or pause and come back to continue a track at will. However, our new website may help you find an item in its original location should you wish to grab a copy for yourself.

Play the station directly from the website at ucg.radio, or download our free mobile app for even more convenience.

Feedback from our listeners continues to be positive. Some listen while driving, gardening or going for a walk. You’re invited to not only listen, but participate with a personal greeting to contribute your own voice to enhance the community feel of our own station.

To find out more, visit: ucg.radio.


  • sduckert

    I have recently discovered UCG radio and play it most of the time at home. It is rich with sermons, ABC lectures, and much much more. Thank you!