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United Church of God Home Office Staff Honors Our Local Men in Blue

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United Church of God Home Office Staff Honors Our Local Men in Blue

Victor Kubik, president of the United Church of God, loved the idea of the office showing appreciation to our local police force, so the staff took the idea and ran with it. Diane Bailey picked up a very nice card and ordered the beautiful gift baskets. The card was passed around and signed by all the staff, giving them an opportunity to show their appreciation for what our local men in blue do for our community.

Besides the card and baskets, a picture was included of our building on one side and the recent photograph of the staff on the other side.

On July 2, 2016, office manager Richard Kennebeck and his wife Emma delivered the card and baskets from the home office to the Miami Township Police Department. Even though our address is Milford, we actually are within the Miami Township limits.

The police department was very thankful for our show of support and for the fruit baskets. They wanted to pass on their thanks to the staff. The officer receiving the gifts knew exactly who we were and where we were located.

They were happy to receive fruit baskets rather than sweets. They commented that they have received quite a few trays of cookies and even several gallons of ice cream and appreciated something healthy.

Thanks goes to all involved in making this happen!