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United Youth Corps and Challenger II Plans Discussed

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United Youth Corps and Challenger II Plans Discussed

The meeting took place the day before a conference for the Southwest Region pastors.

We have more than 1,500 young adults between the ages of 19 and 30 attending services each Sabbath. The majority of these young adults have come through our preteen and teen camp programs. They identify with the Church and many are baptized. The Church recognizes the need to provide challenging opportunities for this demographic group in the Church.

We have sponsored several United Youth Corps projects in Africa and the Middle East since 2000. We have also sponsored Challenger II camps in Arizona and Arkansas over the past three years. We want to continue these programs, develop more opportunities and examine several suggestions that have been made.

The goals of the meeting included reviewing and establishing outcomes for the young adult programs and assigning coordinators for the major programs. We decided on the following outcomes for our United Youth Corps program. We want the program to help young adults:

1. Internalize the value of service and leadership.

2. Commit to the values learned—to see the need for the Kingdom of God.

3. Broaden their worldview.

4. Understand and respect people/brethren of other backgrounds and cultures.

5. Understand the work of the Church—to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

6. Appreciate their blessings.

Several international areas have requested help from United Youth Corps volunteers. Most of these opportunities involve serving at international teen camps next summer. These service opportunities will usually take about two weeks. In the next few months watch for postings for projects in Africa and Asia.

We are also looking at opportunities for longer projects working with Good Works projects, special education programs and archaeological digs.

Doug Horchak will be overseeing and coordinating our United Youth Corps projects. Mr. Horchak has been involved with Youth Corps since its beginning in 2000. He will work directly with senior pastors in Africa and Asia to determine needs and opportunities for Youth Corps projects.

Larry Greider will be working with the Challenger II camps for young adults. The Challenger II camps are a natural fit with the teen camp program already coordinated by Mr. Greider. Mr. Greider will work directly with each of the camp directors.

Future venues include Challenger II–Arizona (rock climbing) in Tucson, Arizona, in December 2007 and a Challenger II camp featuring canoeing in the summer of 2008.

We are also investigating other exciting Challenger II camp experiences such as canoeing in the Canada/U.S. Boundary Waters, a Grand Canyon backpack trip, a white-water rafting/camping trip on New River in West Virginia and an information/technology challenge camp.

We are excited about these and other potential opportunities for our young adults in the future! UN