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United Youth Corps—Lagos, Nigeria

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United Youth Corps—Lagos, Nigeria

We transported all of the equipment by boat to a small strip of land between mainland Lagos and the Gulf of Guinea, and everyone enjoyed the opportunity to “rough it” in the tropical surroundings for the time we were able to be together. The campers enjoyed Bible classes, team challenge, archery, ASL classes, speedaway, swimming, piano lessons, and a whole host of other activities that challenged the campers to grow, both personally as well as together as brothers and sisters.

Those of us serving in the United Youth Corps were warmly welcomed by our brothers and sisters from Nigeria and had a wonderful time visiting and getting to know one another. As Nigerian pastor Oludare Akinbo stated on the opening night of camp, “Water is thicker than blood.” He couldn’t have been more right. As the week went on, we realized that the connections we have through the Spirit of God supersede our national and familial connections. We can be closer to someone half a world away because of the Spirit of God abiding within us than we can be to our own family and friends here at home who do not share that same Spirit.

As a result, lifelong friends were made, much laughter and memories were shared, and a wonderful time was had by everyone as we strove toward the Kingdom of God together. For those of us serving in the United Youth Corps program, it was an extremely valuable opportunity to experience another culture and get to know our brethren in Nigeria. For the brethren and youth in Nigeria, it was important for them to know that people love and care enough to come and serve.

I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to be a part of it and recommend this experience for all interested. Water is thicker than blood. You have family in Nigeria—take the chance to get to know them.