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Update for Sabaudia, Italy Feast Site

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Update for Sabaudia, Italy Feast Site

To this date, all of our Italian brethren are free from coronavirus. In order to respect the sanitary precautions, all Sabbath services and Bible studies are being conducted by video-teleconference.

The majority of Feast applicants have confirmed to attend the Feast in Sabaudia, because the COVID-19 lockdown in Italy is now almost over. The northern Italian regions like Lombardy, Veneto and Piedmont were the ones hit by the coronavirus, but today they have almost zero infection. The regions in south and central Italy, such as Tuscany, Latium, Rome and our feast site (Sabaudia) have zero virus infection at present. In fact, our feast hotel with its sandy beach is already preparing for the summer season, which is very encouraging.

In June the borders will be open again allowing airlines to land at the FCO airport near Rome and Sabaudia. We realize that this may not be the case in your country by the time of the Feast (or the pre-Feast). Therefore, to protect your money, we have come to an exceptional agreement with the Feast hotel which is outlined in the email you should have recently received regarding your registration.

In any case, our advice is that you should travel to Italy only if you really want to celebrate the feast of God with us in Italy and if you are willing to eventually comply with the sanitary precautions—although these may be no longer necessary by October. For those who decide to celebrate God’s feast with us in Italy, we look forward to welcoming you at the feast in Sabaudia!

Therefore, if you have not yet done so, we remind you to secure your bookings as soon as possible through our website for either the Feast of Tabernacles or the pre-Feast Tours in Tuscany. Please note that, because of the delay caused by the quarantine, the deadline to secure your feast (and/or pre-feast) bookings is now July 15. If you have already chosen another destination for the feast, please let us know.