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U.S. and Canadian Coordinators Hold Festival Planning Meetings for 2022

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U.S. and Canadian Coordinators Hold Festival Planning Meetings for 2022

It took the several hours we allotted for our meetings to discuss various aspects of planning for the Feast of Tabernacles for 2022. We had a number of coordinators from Canada and the Caribbean, as well as many past and present Festival coordinators from the United States at our meeting. 

Victor Kubik, Chris Rowland and I were present for the meetings, but Charles Melear, our overall Festival Coordinator and Conference Planner, is instrumental in putting the online conference together and he works closely with each of the Festival Coordinators in the U.S. 

With consideration, after prayer and fasting throughout the year, we do our best to provide Feast sites around the world that have much to offer our members in regard to scenic beauty, interesting attractions and meeting halls that are conducive to worshipping God and fellowshipping with our brethren. We carefully select Festival coordinators and assistant coordinators and help prepare them for running a Festival site that will be pleasing to God and where all things are done “decently and in order” according to God’s will. 

In general, we spent hours discussing many topics, such as input from last year’s Festival member survey and how we might improve next year’s Feast experience, speaking at the Feast, songleaders, the welcome video, COVID-19 complications, celebrating the Feast online, Families Helping Families, budgets, a new online Feast registration system, special music, youth education, the Festival Planning Brochure, United News articles about the Feast, and cards for shut-ins. 

If I went into the detail of what we discussed in these meetings, this would become a very lengthy article, so suffice it to say that we are dedicated to learning from the experiences of last year’s Feast and are doing our best to prepare for the Feast in 2022. Certainly, we seek God’s blessing on all of our Feast sites and we ask all of you to join us in prayer throughout the year, asking God to pour out His blessings upon us as we strive to honor Father and Son by keeping the Feast as directed in Leviticus 23!