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UYC 2016 Report: British Isles

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UYC 2016 Report

British Isles

Camp was attended by nine adult staff plus 10 other adults present at various times, together with 10 boys ages 8 to 17 and 12 girls ages 6 to 17. Those under 10 were accompanied by one or both parents. The 22 campers came from the UK (14), Switzerland (4), Germany (1), Italy (1), U.S.A. (1) and Canada (1). Of the 22 campers, 13 had not been to the UCG British Isles summer camp previously.

The camp program had activities arranged with the Peak Centre that included a climbing wall, archery, bushcraft and nightline. The weather was favorable and, several challenging walks in the surrounding hills were organized. The group spent a morning in Buxton, a spa town, with shopping and sightseeing. This was followed by a visit to the Blue John Cavern in the afternoon. Another afternoon several went on a trip to Sheffield for swimming. One day the group also visited a nearby wildlife conservation sanctuary.

Each day we started and ended activities with a hymn and a prayer. The younger children had an earlier bedtime and had their own activities when they rose earlier in the morning! We encouraged the campers to volunteer for prayers before meals and at the beginning and end of each day. We had prayers in English, German and Italian, by both boys and girls.

Following the dinner on the final evening there was a slideshow of photos taken during camp.