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UYC 2016 Report: Meru Camp

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UYC 2016 Report

Meru Camp

Twenty-five campers enjoyed a very successful camp in Meru, Kenya, about 270 kilometers north of the capital city of Nairobi. We had 14 girls and 11 boys participating, with eight staff and three kitchen staff. The Church owns the facility where camp was held. At the beginning campers stayed in Church-owned tents and later changed to dorms owned by Meru Highlands School because the winds became too strong.

After breakfast we began by having a Christian living class conducted by some of the staff. Activities included lessons in fire-fighting, drug and substance abuse, peer pressure, boy talk, girl talk, hygiene, team building, and capacity building. The campers enjoyed games like novelty olympics, football, volleyball, camp improvement, and of course they enjoyed social time during the campfire every evening. We also enjoyed the meals during camp.

On Friday, Aug. 19, after breakfast and Christian living class we went by bus to outdoor activities that were a 100 kilometers south of the camp at Chaka Ranch. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day.

The last day of camp was the Sabbath. Services were held in the morning, with two seminars in the afternoon.

At the end of camp, the campers were assessed on what they had learned. Staff prepared questions for the campfire, and the campers did well. It was remarkable, and those who excelled were given prizes.

We thank God and the Church because all exceeded our expectations.

Simon Nganga