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Western/Bible Family Social

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Western/Bible Family Social

The evening began with a Country-Western themed potluck. After sunset, the church hall transformed into a Wild West of games for our lovely young children. There were plenty of cowboy hats and kerchiefs for all of our little cowboys and cowgirls to wear. 

To start the fun, each one colored pages with Bible lessons and received a “treasure map” guide to the games. There was the “Enter by the Narrow Gate” game. Here, the children learned to choose the narrow path to life and not the wide path of the world. In the “Snakes on the Loose” game, the kids used chopsticks to pick up snakes with “bad” character traits. Then they placed the snakes caught with the chopsticks into a cowboy boot. At the “Pin the Badge on the Sheriff” game, they rehearsed the Ten Commandments. There was much more biblically based fun! The teens and young adults served by helping out at each of the eight games around the room. 

The evening ended with a creative “campfire” right in the church hall. Around the campfire the whole congregation sat, talking about the evening’s activities and sharing something for which they were thankful. 

It was a heart warming night of fellowship, food and fun for all ages!

Becky Del Signore