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WFW Registration Reminder

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WFW Registration Reminder

The deadline to register for the Cincinnati Winter Family Weekend is only two weeks away, and that it is very important for those playing sports, the organized pre-teen games, and Sabbath Youth Instruction to be registered at

We also need to let members know that our reservation block at the Great Wolf Lodge has been almost completely filled. Rooms are only available for Sunday and Monday nights. If any member needs to cancel a reservation at Great Wolf, they should ask to be connected to the Group Sales Office first, so that the reservation can be transferred to other members who are now on a waiting list.

There are other hotels nearby. The closest is a Comfort Inn and Suites on King's Center Dr, approximately a quarter mile away. We are working to add more rooms to our reservation block for next year's event.


  • Gforce

    I agree with concerned parent this isn’t fair if the rules are enforced locally and not at WFW sports event why is s this allowed?? People who are adults should have same rules enforced if that is done at the local Cincinnati sports UCG sponsored events. This isn’t the Church it’s who is in charge of this event. Frustrating

  • Frank Dunkle

    Hello Concerned Parent,
    I do not see the previous comment to which you are referring on this page , so I am not certain of what rules you are referring. One guess is that it refers the decision to not state that participation in sports at WFW will be limited only to UCG members. That has been considered and could possibly be made a policy in the future. Pastors have the authority to make such decisions for congregational activities, but for a church-wide activity like WFW it must be decided by the Council of Elders or at least Ministerial and Member Services.
    This is not intended to be an argument either for or against specific limitations on who is able to participate at WFW, but on on who can make such decisions.