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Windsor Congregation Honors D’Alessandros for Their Service

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Windsor Congregation Honors D’Alessandros for Their Service

The city of Windsor, Ontario, is located across the river from Detroit, Michigan, which played an important part in not only the beginning, but also the continuation of the Windsor church.

One of the reasons this location became so important is because it needed the assistance of an elder who would be close enough to help during times when the pastor was not available.

When Patrick Read was asked to start a UCG congregation in Windsor, Randy D'Alessandro, pastor of the Detroit and Ann Arbor churches, was asked if he would be willing to help out. Thankfully Mr. D’Alessandro was eager to help in any way he could.Mr. D’Alessandro shared in the responsibility with Mr. Read.

Mr. D’Alessandro and his wife Mary crossed the U.S.-Canada border to minister the Word to our little flock once a month for the next couple of years. He also arranged for two elders, Keith Haab and Brian McGuire from the Ann Arbor church, to minister to us on other Sabbaths.

As happens often within the ministry the D’Alessandros accepted a request to serve the Chicago, Illinois, area, and their move to the Chicago area was to be completed by May 1, 2016.

On the Sabbath of April 29, the last day of Unleavened Bread the Windsor brethren honored the D’Alessandros’ last visit to us. Mr. Read presented the D’Alessandros with a silver Canada goose on a marble base, with an inscription from Romans 10:15.

The D’Alessandros were also given a card that was signed by the Windsor brethren, with a monetary gift. Mary Brdar made a wonderful unleavened cake for the occasion.

We are thankful to God for giving us the D’Alessandros who faithfully helped us in our growth as a congregation. Although we will miss them we pray that God will grant them a faithful ministry first and foremost to Jesus Christ, the Kingdom of God and the Chicago area brethren in the years ahead.