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Winneba, Ghana Church Hall Expansion Update

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Winneba, Ghana Church Hall Expansion Update

In December of 2023, Good Works sent over $9,000 assistance for ongoing construction on a church hall expansion project.  These funds have allowed us to complete an important phase of that project.  The concrete lid has now been poured over the shell of the adjacent building which is being fashioned into two classrooms and two bathrooms. 

Additionally, the Good Works funds were sufficient for finishing out the two bathrooms (one for men and one for women) with two toilet stalls and a sink in each one.  This is a huge blessing since the church hall is in the middle of a populated area and only had a small, outdoor privacy wall for such use in the past. 

The brethren of the Winneba, Ghana congregation are very grateful for the improvements which the Good Works funds have assisted with. The ability to conduct Sabbath school classes and have functional facilities in this adjacent structure is an incredible blessing and will help to relieve some of the overcrowding issues in the current main hall.

Winneba, Ghana Church Hall Expansion