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Winter Camp Report 2015

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Winter Camp Report 2015

December in Wisconsin this year started out unseasonably warm. It looked like we wouldn’t have snow for Winter Camp, but God answered our prayers. On the first full day of camp (Monday, Dec. 28) a winter storm passed through the area. We received six inches of perfect snow for our outdoor activities! There were many teens who traveled great distances to experience snow, and they weren’t disappointed.

Our activity schedule included an all-camp amazing race on the first day of camp, as well as teambuilding, dance class (with two camp dances), winter field sports, orienteering, zipline, game room, open science center, flag football, capture the flag, watercolor painting, personality plus and a communication class. Snowboarding was a big hit with the campers (even with being sore from the activity), and we once again had the overnight campout for those brave enough to face the cold outside.

The UYC theme this year was “Be Like Our Heavenly Father,” and it was a focus of the morning compass checks, the Christian living and other Biblical instruction. Aspects of this theme were also reinforced at many of the activities and other conversations throughout the day. It is always encouraging to see the minds of our youths engaged in God’s Word.

Held concurrently with Winter Camp was Winter Leadership Camp. Twelve young adults participated in this camp serving alongside activity staff and counselors. They also enjoyed activities as a group and attended additional Bible classes, seminars and Q&As focused on leading in the camp setting, their local congregations and life in general. They had many opportunities to lead and serve including giving speeches and sermonettes, planning and hosting the camp dance, and serving snacks daily to the campers. Winter Leadership Camp participants played an important role at Winter Camp—helping to teach classes, assisting counselors, interaction with and supporting campers, and being dining hall monitors. Winter Leadership Camp was valuable and well received, and we plan to repeat this opportunity again next year.

The 2016 Winter Camp will run from camper check-in on Dec. 25 until checkout on Jan. 1. Staff will arrive on Dec. 23 or 24. Tuition for Winter Camp will be $315. We are planning the regular variety of winter indoor and outdoor activities: arts and crafts, amazing race, broomball, dance, teambuilding, tubing, tobogganing, field sports, winter survival and more. Staff positions are available for those activities and for dorm counselors.

Come and be a part of Winter Camp 2016!