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Winter Family Weekend 2017

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Winter Family Weekend 2017

Approximately 1,200 brethren from around the United States (as well as other countries) attended this year’s activities, which included three dances, several seminars, a Bible study, game nights, a performing arts expo, band showcase, karaoke and, of course, the ever-popular basketball and volleyball tournaments.

Attendees gathered at Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio, for the seventh year in a row. This year’s events began the night of Friday, Dec. 22, with a Bible study presented by Jay Ledbetter, followed by a cheese and wine social for singles.

Sabbath morning promised many opportunities for edification and fellowship. The children enjoyed youth instruction, while teens and adults were engaged in seminars covering topics such as dating and marriage, reaching out to non-Church members, decision-making and discovering the challenges affecting our brethren in southern Africa.

Before Sabbath services, visitors had the opportunity to tour the home office in Milford. As goes the Winter Family Weekend tradition, the young adults presented several beautiful and uplifting special music selections during the sermonette time slot. Andy Lee gave the sermon, expanding on this year’s theme of “In the World, but Not of the World.” After sunset, participants looked forward to a full evening of activities, from a professional networking session for young adults, to a special room devoted to board games for the whole family to enjoy, to the teen and adult dances.

On Sunday morning, the anticipated basketball and volleyball games began, as well as games for preteens and activities for little children. That evening, Jelly and his friends had a special show for the children. The rest of the night was full of music and singing as attendees viewed the performing arts expo, listened to the band showcase and sang karaoke.

Sports continued on Monday, as well as more seminars and activities for children. The popular family dance ended the night with a Wild West theme. For the first time, a live band performed some of the music for the evening, which added to the fun and excitement of the dance!

One last day of basketball and volleyball games ended the Winter Family Weekend on Tuesday, Dec. 26. We trust that everyone who attended this year’s event had a wonderful time, and we hope to see you there next year! UN