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Women’s Club Afternoon Tea

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Women’s Club Afternoon Tea

The garden tea party was held at the home of Ralph and Ingrid Helge.

There were almost 40 ladies of all ages from 4-month-old Hannah Macaraeg to 82 year old Elida Bricio in attendance.  Mrs. Bricio made beautiful corsages from artificial flowers for all the ladies.

The ladies enjoyed a variety of aromatic teas, little tea sandwiches, scones and dainty desserts. 

There was also a program, emceed by Erin Ellis, which included a musical presentation by Ingrid Helge and Bonnie Shemet and three speakers, Jacqueline Milner of the Redlands congregation, Suzanne Lavaty and Laurel Fish.

The main thing that was noticed was that the ladies enjoyed being with each other and were building lasting friendships.

Patti Josifek