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Women’s Enrichment Weekend Focuses on Strength and Courage

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Women’s Enrichment Weekend Focuses on Strength and Courage

It was not by our power for us to gather in this hard time of COVID-19—it was by the power of our Almighty God in Heaven.  

We had many activities with different teachers. One activity taught participants how to make necklaces and bracelets using different colors of beads, facilitated by Delphine Banda. We also learned to make doormats using cotton, wool and glue, conducted by Patricia Epomba. The women were taught how to make a cake without using an oven. We baked fritters and crackers mixed with chili and onion. Together, we cooked many different types of food and a beverage called munkoyo. We all enjoyed these on the Sabbath with the other brethren. 

We were encouraged with many messages shared. Ivony Epomba gave a message titled, “Women to be Brave,” and Mrs. Chisanga and Mrs. Mukuka spoke on “Being Strong and Prayerful.” 

The Sabbath sermon was given by Mr. S. Bwalya about God telling Joshua to be strong and courageous to take the children of Israel to Canaan. In the evening we had our farewell party. 

We extend a big thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Pringle for helping us succeed with this program. 

 Patricia Epomba