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Women’s Enrichment Weekend Held in Isoka, Zambia

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Women’s Enrichment Weekend Held in Isoka, Zambia

Isoka, Zambia—The theme of the weekend, “Becoming God's Precious Jewels” from Zechariah 9:16 made for a joyous time. We were 22 in number, with seven people in attendance from Kalukanya and 15 from the central church in Isoka. I welcomed everyone and expressed my gratitude at the number of women who participated.

We had many activities with different facilitators, including how to make a wool doormat, which was facilitated by Lucia Mulenga. Women were taught how to make three different types of juices using various fruits.

The women also learned how to secure sweet potatoes in a hand-dug hole so they would not rot and go to waste. Other activities included cooking vegetables by adding pounded groundnuts called fisashi, facilitated by Gift Sinyenga. In addition, chikanda (called African polony) and many other foods were shared at the meals.

We were strengthened with many inspiring messages shared by Mwape Kabangula, Lucia Mulenga and myself. We also had a “Pastor’s Talk” where he emphasized tithing and gave an example of Ananias and Sapphira, who hid some of the money after they sold land. He also talked about God’s precious jewels. The pastor and Deacon P. Sinyenga also shared a message about business management. On the Sabbath we listened to a sermon on facing trials, tribulations and adversity.

In the afternoon the pastor and the deacon shared a message about financial management in the Bible. The time flew by quickly because we were busy throughout, despite the weather which was cold and windy!

We give our heartfelt thanks to God and to all those who helped us financially for the success of the women’s enrichment weekend in Isoka.

Edith Siame