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Women’s Enrichment Weekend Portland, Oregon

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Women’s Enrichment Weekend Portland, Oregon

The brochure that was made for the weekend stated: “The purpose of this event is to encourage and strengthen the women of God’s Church—both younger and older alike—to help one another grow to greater spiritual maturity and to fulfill our unique role as women of God.” The theme of the weekend was “Living a Selfless Life in a Selfie World.”

Patty Sexton gave a presentation called “Yours and Mine.” She illustrated how perspectives can change outcomes in people’s lives. She showed how Joseph and Esther did not rely on their own perspectives. God used each of them to save their people. They were great examples of selflessness.

On the Sabbath Roc Corbett gave a sermon on selflessness. He reminded us that Moses’ mother risked her own life to save his life. He exhorted us to be a “mother” or a “sister” to someone who can use support. He showed Christ’s sacrifice is the ultimate example of selflessness.

Nancy Corbett gave a presentation called “Simple Acts of Kindness.” She said, “We need eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart that is soft,” and that we should look for ways to be kind and selfless. She shared Proverbs 31:26: “She opens her mouth with wisdom and on her tongue is the law of kindness.”

Leanne Luker gave a presentation called “Gratitude: An Antidote for Selfishness.” She gave all the ladies a gratitude journal. She said that being thankful for friendships, good health, God’s calling, etc. helps us to be selfless.

Aimee McNally, Katlyn Wynaucht, Shannon Light and Robin Wojcik gave presentations on their personal experiences with the challenges of becoming selfless.

Saturday night there was an auction that raised $1,044. The money will be donated to the United Church of God and the Good Works program. Also, the attendees donated 41 blankets that will be donated to Project Linus, which benefits children in need in the Portland, Oregon, metro area.

On Sunday Sandy Cafourek led a workshop on team-building. Also the ladies took group photos together instead of taking selfies. Many of the ladies said that the weekend was very uplifting spiritually and emotionally, and they look forward to attending next year.