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Latest UCG Updates

In this personal from MMS, Mark Welch provides an update on two international trips: Jorge de Campos, senior pastor of the Portguguese-speaking areas, who is currently traveling in Brazil, and Paul Moody, senior pastor f
We are still looking for staff this summer at beautiful Camp Wamatochick, located in the mountains outside Prescott, Arizona.
We were able to increase our attendance limits for the Feast of Tabernacles in Bend-Redmond this year and eliminate the waitlist at this time.

Frank Dunkle joins Victor Kubik to reminisce about the recent graduating class and discuss the benefits of attending Ambassador Bible College.

Good Works has been sponsoring projects around the world for over 10 years. We want to encourage everyone to find ways to serve, not just internationally, but locally as well.
In this personal from the president, Victor Kubik comments on the alarming violence that has broken out between the Palestinian Hamas group and Israel, taking opportunity to remind readers to stay awake and alert as they
In this personal from MMS, Mark Welch provides an update after his recent trip to Maryland, where he and his wife, Barbara, met with members and elders from five congregations in the area.

Robert Baucom tells his story of returning to church after leaving because of the doctrinal changes in Worldwide Church of God. He also shares his perspective on current racial issues as a black man during times of segregation.

In this personal from the president, Victor Kubik talks about the recent Ambassador Bible College graduation, announces a new restricted fund to purchase a camp facility and shares a snippet from a recent Beyond Today su

Jorge de Campos discusses his forthcoming trip to Brazil and gives an update on the congregations in Angola.