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Young Adults Growing in the Faith

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Young Adults Growing in the Faith

On the opening night, Brian Shaw led a discussion on the current challenges our young adults are facing in their lives. Responses included situations faced at work, school, family and in the Church. Presenters then tried to address each of these in the seminars that followed throughout the weekend. On the morning of the Sabbath, Dan Dowd showed how we know the Bible can be trusted and that it is not simply a collection of interesting stories with no relevance in this modern age. Of all of the ancient historically preserved works of literature, only the Bible comes down through the ages intact—accurately preserved historically. We can be confident that the Bible has been preserved accurately.

Sunday morning, Frank Dunkle led a discussion on how interpersonal relationships can strengthen or weaken our faith. He stressed the idea of making intentional decisions regarding who we spend time with and with whom we allow ourselves to make bonds. Brian Shaw then led everyone through the importance of fortifying the mind with spiritual principles and godly wisdom. Using the metaphors of walls and gates, he showed how we can be open-minded without leaving ourselves exposed and how what we build to protect can also enslave. Dave and Jolinda Schreiber then presented how Christians come out of the world and yet at the same time go into all the world. They described how a Christian can be in the world but not of it, and our responsibility is to be a light and an example to it. The final workshop on Monday morning gave the young adults a chance to practice answering questions about their faith to those who might ask. They learned the importance of discerning the motive behind the question in order to respond appropriately.

On the Sabbath, the young adults joined the Southern Minnesota congregation for their annual youth day service and participated in song leading, sermonettes and special music. The country and western-themed potluck and pie contest was enjoyed by all. Then the group enjoyed extreme snow-tubing, line-dancing and a bonfire. Another dance topped off the weekend on Sunday night. The schedule for the weekend allowed for plenty of fellowship time throughout each day and was one of the highlights. The friendships forged over the weekend will, no doubt, last a lifetime.

ReNae Shaw