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Youth Camp Held in Mufulira, Zambia

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Youth Camp Held in Mufulira, Zambia

We would also like to thank our sponsors for the support they rendered to see that the 2020 UYC camp was successful. Camp was held Aug. 16-23, so as many students as possible could attend while on school break.

The overall theme of the camp was “Be Anchored to God.” We introduced new games in addition to the usual tag, soccer, volleyball and speed-away. We also had a variety of speakers for Christian living, and life skills classes included lessons on career planning, financial discipline, health and hygiene, arts and crafts, baking and tie dye. On Friday, we could not do our scheduled outing due to COVID-19 safety measures, so a party with music and dancing was organized within the camp. The fun activity came to an end Friday evening to give the campers and staff time to prepare for the Sabbath. People came from all over Zambia as in previous years, and the venue was large enough for the required distancing. There was enough water and  sleeping arrangements were ideal, and the camp’s central location in Zambia helped 68 people from all over Zambia to come learn and grow together. 

This year’s camp gave us hope as leaders and organizers that indeed camp lessons are important to our campers. We have received messages of encouragement from parents, confirming changes and improvements in their children after camp. We know our mission is to train youths who can be future leaders. 

Rodrick Epomba