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Youth Day in Portsmouth, Ohio

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Youth Day in Portsmouth, Ohio

Caleb Shoemaker started services as our song leader. He was followed by four talks on “What Camp Meant to Me” by Wesley Call, Ashleigh Call, Ethan Call and Shelby James. Special music, “Trust in God” by Lauren Daigle was presented by Ashleigh Call, Erica Call, Elaina Shoemaker and Shelby James.

During announcements we had three graduates recognized for their recent accomplishments: Shelby James (high school), Monica Call (bachelors degree from Shawnee State University), and Audra Bledsoe (bachelors degree from Ohio University). They were followed by three Sabbath school students who completed all of their memory work for the year: Maya Warren, Justin McKinney and Seth McKinney.

Services were rounded out with a sermon titled “Finding the Love of Your Life.” It is always an enjoyable Sabbath when we get to see our young people step up and be willing participants in the service.