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Zambia Youth Trip to Victoria Falls

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Zambia Youth Trip to Victoria Falls

On the way to camp the bus was parked at the police station for security reasons. During the night a taxi parked right at the back of the bus, which prevented it from leaving on time. It was frustrating, but maybe there was a reason for this. Once we were on the road we heard there was rioting in two towns that we had to go through. The riots were due to certain parties being unhappy with the election results. However, by the time we went through, all was quiet, so I guess they had worn themselves out by that time.

The next few days were taken up by an extensive tour of the falls, a trip through the national park along the Zambezi river, a visit to the Livingstone Museum and the Railway Museum.

Campers were astounded at the depth and grandeur of the falls. At a clear viewpoint of the falls bridge, they were intrigued by the bungee jumping that was taking place from that bridge.

In the park we saw a huge herd of elephant, from the smallest to the biggest. We also saw buffalo, giraffe, impala, warthog and waterbuck. We took an exclusive walk in the bush to where a rhino and calf were resting under a tree.

The Livingstone Museum is the largest in Zambia. It is well laid out and has lots of artifacts relating to David Livingstone.

The Railway Museum was interesting because they have coaches and steam locomotives with a sign saying “Rhodesia Railways.” Rhodesia Railways ran all the rail stock in North and Southern Rhodesia. When Zambia got its independence this stock was hired out to the Zambians until they could arrange their own.

In the same area was a shed set up by the Jews of Zambia showing their history in this country. They mainly came from Europe with only a single suitcase and then built empires for themselves.

On Sunday we went back to Lusaka and on to Verino for youth camp beginning the next day.

What astounded me is that none of these youths had ever seen the falls. They had never seen any of the game that they saw in the wild, and they said that it was possible that they never would have if it had not been for this trip.

They expressed their appreciation, which made all the expense and effort extremely worthwhile.

Cherry Pringle