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Completed Projects

$4,525 raised of $2,500 goal

Raising funds to replace a home after arsonists attack

$92,257 raised of $35,000 goal

In the wake of Hurricane Dorian we are raising funds to help with clean up and to rebuild.

$29,952 raised of $10,000 goal

On Wednesday, April 24, the President of United Church of God, Victor Kubik, met with Mabasa Chichaya, an elder from Zimbabwe, to discuss the challenges the country of Zimbabwe is currently facing.

$1,150 raised of $600 goal

Bible seminars held in previous years in this area have proved effective and well-attended.

$16,114 raised of $14,000 goal

In the evening hours of January 29 the church hall in Chipata, Zambia was broken into, vandalized, and robbed.