United Church of God

Relief Funds for Nigeria

From Senior Pastor, Paul Moody:

In the face of an ongoing economic crisis, Nigerians are struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table for their families. The Nigerian currency, the Naira, recently hit an all-time record low against the U.S. Dollar, losing nearly seventy percent (70%) of it's value since June 2023. Fuel prices have tripled over the last year, adding to the increased cost of goods across the board. Overall annual inflation is up close to 30%, the highest figure in almost 30 years. Food costs have risen well above that percentage, with the cost for certain basic household staples, such as rice, more than doubling from this time a year ago. Milk, eggs and beef are now considered a luxury as many families forego such extras or cut out meal portions all together to get by.  

The members of the United Church of God have not been immune to such impacts. Many of our brethren in Nigeria were already living in difficult economic circumstances. In a country where the monthly minimum wage is $19 at the current exchange rate, it has become increasingly difficult to cope. In fact, a number of our Church families are now forced to choose between purchasing either food for their family or transportation on the Sabbath. In some cases, Church members are showing up to the Sabbath service hungry, having chosen to skip a meal in order to purchase transportation to assemble. 

In response to this economic hardship, the Good Works program has stepped in to help provide food assistance to our brethren in Nigeria. Funds have been sent over to purchase food staples which will be distributed to approximately 157 members of the United Church of God in that region. Rice, beans, semo and vegetable oil are being purchased in bulk for equitable distribution to the brethren. While this assistance doesn’t solve the economic crisis these individuals and families are facing, it is intended to help ease some of the strain in the short-term by providing basic meal related commodities for consumption. Your generous contributions to this and other Good Works projects around the world are greatly appreciated!