United Church of God

Youth Camp in Benin 2023

After three years of delays due to COVID-19, Good Works is sponsoring United Youth Corps volunteers for a project in French-speaking West Africa, offering volunteers the opportunity to serve at the youth summer camp in Benin! The project will run for about three weeks (Arrival in France on August 8 or 9 and departure from Benin on August 27). Volunteers will first travel to Bordeaux, France for approximately a week to complete final camp planning and preparation, acclimate to the time zone, be immersed in the French language, and potentially receive language training. Participants will meet with the project coordinator, Werner Solorzano, and senior pastor, Tim Pebworth, before they fly to Cotonou, Benin where they will spend the Sabbath together with the local brethren; then campers, staff, and volunteers will continue on to a week-long youth camp to be held in the vicinity.

This program will provide the Church youth in the region with new classes designed to help them develop various practical life skills, bond and learn through strategic teambuilding activities, and serve others through service projects, all the while incorporating the relevance of God, His way, and His plan for them. Potential courses include swimming, computer instruction, life skills (writing applications, interviewing, and public speaking), as well as Compass Check/Christian living classes.

Deadline to apply is March 12, 2023 (must be at least 18 to apply)