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Zimbabwe and Zambia Famine Food Aid

On April 25th, 2019 the President of United Church of God, Victor Kubik, released an update from his trip to Southern Africa. In that heart-wrenching update we learned that our brethren in Zimbabwe are facing a dire situation in regards to food security. Immediate aid was given to the elders to help our members receive food they desperately need. According to FEWSNET (Famine Early Warning Systems Network), "Drought conditions persist in most parts of the country. This has increased the proportion of temporarily and permanently wilted crops, especially in the typically dry southern, eastern, western and extreme northern parts of the country. Crop production for the 2018/19 season is likely to be below average across all provinces, and significantly below average in typical deficit-production areas where a high proportion of households are expected to have no harvest.

"Seasonal livelihood strategies continue to be constrained as a result of the poor seasonal rainfall and on-going macro-economic hardships. The green harvest which typically provides relief to poor households during this time of the year is not available across most parts of the country" (

Our goal is to provide immediate and long-term relief for our members as they face this difficult challenge. We've set a modest goal to start, but may adjust in the future as we assess the needs of the people. 

*Totals are not updated immediately. Check back periodically for updates.

**Update: After the return of Victor and Bev Kubik, it was determined that brethren in south east Zambia are also being affected by the drought in the region, and are facing food insecurity. We will be working with the elders in the region to coordinate food relief and provide updates as we are able. We are overwhelmed and extremely grateful for the contributions we have received already.

***Update: We have far exceeded our goal, and we're so thankful for the generosity of our donors. With the funds raised we will be able to support food relief in both Zambia and Zimbabwe, and provide supplies for the next growing season.