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2022 Camp Report: Congo

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2022 Camp Report


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This year we held the youth camp in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Lubumbashi is on the Haut Katanga, not far to the border with the Republic of Zambia. In this region, at this time of year, the temperature is 18 degrees Celsius in the shade.

We had 31 campers and eight members for supervision. We rented a Catholic monastery for accommodation and a meals hall for our activities. The monastery will be our Feast site in future years.

The theme of our youth camp was “Becoming Sons and Daughters of God.” For the Christian living classes, we used material from the home office. The daily themes were “Meet the Family,” “Built on Love,” “Sticks Together” and “Family Forever.” This year’s physical activities were basketball, archery and other sports challenges.

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