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2022 Camp Report: Winter Camp

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2022 Camp Report

Winter Camp

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Winter Camp wrapped up this past Sunday after a wonderful week. I am very thankful for all the prayers for God’s blessing, safety and protection on camp, as it was clearly seen. We had a wonderful group of 116 campers, 56 staff and eight mini campers. This was the largest Winter Camp we have ever held.

To begin camp, we had a beautiful covering of snow with very cold temperatures. We were blessed with beautiful weather all week that allowed for all of our activities to run as planned.

I am always amazed and thankful for the maturity of our campers and the dedication, service and passion of our staff. Winter Camp is a unique experience, even compared to the summer camps, due to the cold weather. We have a slower pace with lots of time for fellowship. It allowed us to really create a family atmosphere as we discussed our theme of “Becoming Sons and Daughters of God.”

We look forward to the next camp season where we can continue building friendships and growing in our relationship with God.