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2022 Feast of Tabernacles: Branson, Missouri

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2022 Feast of Tabernacles

Branson, Missouri

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God blessed 688 brethren attending the Feast in Branson, Missouri, at the beautiful, spacious Mansion Theatre.

Speakers gave encouraging messages to help us envision the millennial rule of Christ on earth. Several messages gave us a biblical description of what it will be like to be literal children of God with the ability, as Jesus showed, to appear at just the right time to guide others in learning and choosing to follow God’s instructions.

On the opening day we were encouraged by President Shabi’s message to more fully appreciate the joyous, righteous rule that will fill the earth with living water and make Jerusalem the Holy Mountain of God. Many expressed delight with the powerful music in the video presentation. That afternoon, Bob Dick explained that as God’s children destined to rule with Christ, we are obligated to serve others from the heart.

Family day services gave insight into how God will change the nature of animals and how as God’s children we are to uphold our commitments in all our words and actions. The brethren abundantly provided stuffed animals for our children.

As rain threatened our family day cookout, brethren were asked if we should go ahead in faith or cancel. Overwhelmingly the answer was a “yes” to go ahead with a young man named Noah adamant in his support. The rain stopped at about 11 a.m. and 350 joyful brethren attended the cookout and patiently fellowshipped as the chow line snaked into the parking lot.

Gary Petty gave an outstanding Bible study contrasting the current headlines with the wonderful headlines we might expect four years into the world beyond today.

A group of 240 seniors enjoyed a delicious luncheon hosted by Tom and Lisa Damour which included participation from the audience and musical presentations.

Brethren were extremely generous in their donations to Families Helping Families. We were able to cover all our activity expenses because of the love of the brethren for one another.