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2023 Camp Report: Benin

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2023 Camp Report


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From Aug. 13–20, 2023 the Francophone West African youth camp was held in Grand-Popo, a coastal town in southwest Benin. There were 27 participants from Togo, Côte d’Ivoire, Benin, the USA, Guatemala and Madagascar.

We followed the camp theme from the United States: “Race to Your Crown.” We took part in several activities such as frisbee, soccer, archery, fishing and volleyball. Every morning we had Bible lessons pointing us to our objective in life to obtain this crown. We ended each of these studies with question-and-answer sessions.

Many of the young people were able to see life through a different lens and are ready to run towards their heavenly vocation (Philippians 3:14). All our young people were enthusiastic, and we thank all those who supported us financially, including the United Church of God Good Works program. God heard our prayers in making this camp a success.