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2023 Camp Report: Buckeye

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2023 Camp Report


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Developing positive relationships and making memories to last a lifetime have always been an important focus of what we do at Camp Buckeye. This year 76 staff and 74 campers enjoyed three and a half days filled with many smiles, much laughter, new friendships and countless unforgettable moments.

From the moment we arrived, the sun shone, and gentle breezes allowed for near-perfect weather, which stayed with us the entire time. God’s blessing of the wonderful weather allowed everyone to fully enjoy all the exciting outdoor activities, whether it was swimming in the much-loved pool, fishing or canoeing in the pond, archery, court games, field games or playing duck, duck, splash!

The indoor activities of arts and crafts and the escape room provided an opportunity to slow the pace down and work on some mental challenges, teamwork and creative expression. The three morning Christian living classes titled, “Ready, Set, Go” simplified the five daily themes used at teen camps into distinct steps for the pre-teens to remember the theme, “Race to Your Crown.”

The dedicated counselors and activity staff played an instrumental role in making this camp experience exceptional. Their sacrifice, enthusiasm and care for each camper created “The Zone” environment where everyone felt encouraged to rise to challenges, support each other and enjoy success. Our food service staff once again worked long hours to provide everyone with wonderful meals to keep us well-nourished!

The Camp Buckeye Service Academy, for 13-year-old volunteers, included morning Christian living content on three basic principles of service: “Learn to Listen,” “Take Responsibility” and “Be Proactive.”

There were many other enjoyable events, including the daily scavenger hunt with biblical clues to solve in order to find the hidden item, evening campfire with kettle corn, minute-to-win it games and the much-loved sing-along conducted by Mark Graham.

For those who have ever come to Camp Buckeye, ringing the meal bell has always been a desire. There are only 10 meal periods during our time at camp and with 74 campers, you can imagine how much each child longs to be “chosen” to ring the bell. The campers cheered when I announced that everyone could ring the bell when we went into the dining hall for the last time.

Our thanks to God for His blessing upon the camp and all who were a part of it. Thank you to the amazing volunteer staff for all of your sacrifice. To all the campers, thank you for bringing your zest for life, energy and enthusiasm. We are grateful to have shared this part of your summer with you. And to the parents, again, thank you for the many sacrifices you make to get your children to Camp Buckeye. Planning is already underway for next year and barring anything unforeseen, the dates are going to be July 28-31, 2024.

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