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2023 Camp Report: Canada

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2023 Camp Report


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Camp Wildrose Youth Summer Camp, located in Darwell, Alberta, took place from July 19-23, 2023. All five days of camp were hot and sunny, with only one nighttime thunderstorm to keep things exciting! Camp hosted 20 campers ages 4-15, three junior volunteers ages 17-18 and 17 staff. Attendees were from the Edmonton, Grande Prairie and Prince George, congregations.

Our theme this year was “One Body, Many Parts” taken from Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12. Our focus was on being one body as God’s family, with many parts that are important and valued, contributing to the whole. Sub themes worked on identifying our spiritual gifts and how to use those gifts, group unity/harmony and the benefits of belonging to God’s family. The theme was featured each morning in the scripture of the day, Christian living classes and fireside discussions, as well as emphasized in every activity. We feel that this year’s group truly understood and demonstrated God’s purpose for the body, as incredible unity and cohesiveness was evident throughout the camp.

The campers enjoyed canoeing and water tubing at the lake, and a giant slip and slide to cool off. Traditional and much-loved activities included archery, volleyball, soccer, group games such as “Steal the Gold” (variation of “Capture the Flag”) and parachute play.

Our camp craft this year was thoroughly enjoyed by all ages. It involved stamping and staining leather pieces that were then fashioned around mason jars to become a drinking cup. A few new activities were also introduced this year and were a big hit with campers. They tried out slingshots and decimated many tin cans, geocaching using technology to find hidden caches of treasure and rubber tomahawk throwing. Teamwork challenges emphasized our camp theme, and the campers displayed cooperative teamwork as they solved puzzles and navigated group exercises. Fireside is an evening tradition at Camp Wildrose in which we do group activities such as Bible charades and enjoy delicious over-the-fire snacks.

On Friday evening, there was a music social enjoyed by all. We did a number of popular line dances, played the limbo, musical chairs, a beach ball dance and the Hokey Pokey. One event featured a fashion show, as groups created unique costumes from party streamers. The snack break featured an ice cream sundae bar.

This year’s camp emphasized the importance of building strong bonds of love and friendship as members of God’s family. At camp, we learn how to live and work together as a unified body, striving together in one purpose. We encourage everyone to join our camp family next year and share in this tremendous opportunity to grow as God’s people!