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2023 Camp Report: Colorado

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2023 Camp Report


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On June 18-21, nearly 50 campers from all over the Western half of the United States gathered together at Highlands Camp and Retreat Center for Camp Colorado. With the theme of the 2023 UYC Camp Program being “Race to Your Crown,” camp coordinators David and Joy Jones wanted to paint a clear picture to all the campers that God is calling them now.

The opening night of camp, during Christian living, each camper was issued a personal invitation, handwritten by a staff member, inviting them to join this very special and very personal race: “Dear Camper, you are invited to a race only you can accept. We hope to see you cross the finish line into God’s Kingdom. Your Church Family.”

Throughout Camp Colorado, different elements of how to prepare and run their race to completion were incorporated into each day’s activities, Compass Checks, and Christian living activities. Campers were challenged to step out of their comfort zones and try their hand at ax throwing, dance, hiking, art, multi-ball and more.

Throughout Camp Colorado, campers were encouraged to work together to overcome obstacles and encourage one another towards success. Unlike a traditional race with only one victor, campers were encouraged to help one another along their race, to run together towards a crown that God wanted to give each one of them who finished their race.

As a way of strengthening the bond between teens and preteens, campers and teen staff joined together to sing in a youth choir, in which they performed for both adult staff and parents on the closing day of camp. Campers ranged from 5-12 years of age.

This year, Camp Colorado hosted our first mini-dorm with campers ages 2-4. These youngest “campers” were able to move throughout our camp schedule with the help of the mini-mommas or the “M & M’s” who worked together to support one another and their campers in having a wonderful camp experience.

Overall, Camp Colorado 2023 was a huge success. This was David and Joy Jones’ first year to coordinate Camp Colorado. The Camp Colorado program was built and strengthened by the efforts of Mark Welch, the previous Camp Colorado coordinator. We would be remiss to not mention the time, effort and love that he poured into making Camp Colorado what it has become over these many years.