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2023 Camp Report: Cotubic

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2023 Camp Report


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This year, 157 teens and 78 staff traveled to Camp Cotubic to spend a week immersed in the Zone and learn about how important it is to not only run your race, but do it as effectively as possible. It was truly a wonderful time surrounded by God’s people.

Christian living classes began each day with a focus on the theme, “Race to Your Crown.” After that, the campers were provided with fun and challenging activities. There was always something for every camper with the high ropes course, archery (which sported new compound bows), arts and crafts, climbing wall, basketball, speedaway, softball, amazing race, waterfront and Bible class. This year we also implemented a service activity. Brother and sister dorms were paired up and tasked with each creating a care package for some of our shut-ins/elderly. These included things like dried soup mix, notebooks, a card made by the campers and a hand-tied blanket. Before the baskets were sent out, the campers involved in making the basket would pray for the individual it was being made for. Our evenings were spent with activities geared around fellowship and fun with a staff/camper game, a grill-out, dances, open activities and campfire activities.

The staff did an excellent job of running each activity efficiently while providing lessons in the day’s theme. This year’s theme fit better than some because of how many of our activities involve running. Watching our teens conquer their fears and never give up on a challenge was an inspiration to all of those serving this year. The dorms were uplifting to watch. They constantly cheered on each other to succeed, and were there to celebrate together when their fellow camper’s fears were overcome.

The activities were a wonderful opportunity for the campers, who were also encouraged to live the Zone in their everyday lives. The Zone is not a one-week event, but how we are to live our lives every single day as we wait for the return of Jesus Christ. We should all work to build an environment that reflects what Jesus Christ will bring with Him at His return.

As wonderful as camp was, improvements can always be made, so we will be working hard until next year to provide an even better experience for our teens. I look forward to seeing everyone at Camp Cotubic in 2024!