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2023 Camp Report: Gilmont

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2023 Camp Report


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The first year of Camp Gilmont, located in the Piney Woods of East Texas, was a success! From June 4-7, 2023, 35 preteen campers along with 32 adult and teen staff enjoyed a camp experience that was abundant with God’s blessings. Everyone who was registered arrived safe, no one got sick or hurt (except for a few bumps and a minor horsefly sting), and everyone seemed to have a blast!

Fun activities included the swimming pool which ranged from one- to five-feet deep and featured a splash pad. Canoeing, sports, water games, arts and crafts, hiking, the campfire and free time under the pavilion were enjoyed by all. The pavilion featured a gaga ball area, basketball hoops, chess and checkers games on the concrete with oversized pieces, a nine square game and a carpetball table. The UYC theme of “Race To Your Crown” was well received and hopefully will stay in the minds and hearts of all of us.

The Gilmont staff was very responsive to our needs, and their kitchen crew enabled our staff to focus on the other activities. They were very organized regarding both our biblical and personal dietary requirements. The salad bar was enjoyed by adults and kids alike. Our UYC staff appreciated the Camp Gilmont facility, with a number stating they are planning to spread the word. We’re looking forward to a bigger and even better camp next year from June 2-5, 2024!