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2023 Camp Report: Northwest

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2023 Camp Report


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This year, 119 campers, 65 staff and three mini-campers gathered together at Camp Magruder on the Oregon Coast for a fun-filled week of activities, fellowship and learning more about God and the race that He has called us all to run.

This year’s theme, “Race to Your Crown,” was well received by the campers and staff alike, and many excellent analogies were brought out in the Christian living classes that made the theme really come to life. These classes used examples from Olympic athletes such as John Stephen Akhwari and Derek Redmond, or other elite runners like Hyvon Ngetich. We also had examples from campers and staff who have trained and run marathons, and the lessons learned helped to focus us all on our own personal spiritual training, and how we can support one another through this race.

One day, we had a doe come down to our Christian living class and see what everyone was up to; later, she returned with two fawns in tow as though she wanted to introduce us to her babies. It was a special experience for the girls of G2.

During the week we had together, the campers had the opportunity to enjoy a number of activities—boogie boarding, skim boarding, speedaway, volleyball and a hike down at the beach. Softball, ultimate frisbee, pickleball, kayaking and dance kept campers active as they had fun together. This year’s arts and crafts activity saw the campers making glass votive candle holders using a cream that would etch designs into the glass—so each camper took home a personalized and commemorative Northwest Camp 2023 votive candle holder. For their second project, the campers made boutonnieres and corsages for the person they were going to the banquet with, which turned out beautifully!

On Wednesday evening, we took our train ride on the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad nearing sundown. This railroad uses vintage railcars to provide a beautiful sight-seeing tour of the coastline from Rockaway Beach, down past Tillamook Bay to the other side of Garibaldi, Oregon. The campers love the opportunity to take in the sights and socialize, and as the golden hour started, the scenery was beautiful.

We have an incredible staff that has come back year after year, and a number of staff that come from around the country to serve at Northwest Camp, and we love getting back together with one another. One of the highlights of the week was one of our college age staff being baptized in the Pacific Ocean on Sabbath afternoon, a delightful and joyous event. Camp was a great success, and we are grateful for the prayers and support from all of you which makes it all possible. We are already planning for 2024, and look forward to seeing you there.

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