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2023 Camp Report: Ochoco

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2023 Camp Report


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Our second year at Camp Ochoco was an amazing experience! A group of 146 campers and staff enjoyed the lessons that were provided each day as we all focused on the theme, “Race to Your Crown.” Pickleball, gaga ball, swimming, a variety of sports and some special arts and crafts all offered opportunities to make the theme personal.

If you ever wondered if your support of the camp program is making a difference, I can tell you it is! While chatting with some of the staff after camp had ended, I heard story after story of how the campers made a difference in their lives. Some of the remarkable comments made by the youngest of campers show that they have an understanding of what God is doing in their lives and how they can be better little people and encouraging to others. They support one another to overcome daily challenges and become a family within their dorms—exactly what God is all about. Let’s all thank God for the United Youth Camps.