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2023 Camp Report: Philippines

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2023 Camp Report


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Camp took place at the picturesque Eden Nature Park & Resort in Davao City. This year’s theme was “Race To Your Crown,” symbolizing the journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth that each camper would embark upon during their time at the camp. With 59 enthusiastic campers, six mini campers and 40 dedicated staff members, the camp was all set to be an unforgettable experience. Surrounded by lush greenery and breathtaking natural scenery, the campers were immersed in the beauty of nature throughout their stay. The tranquil environment outside the hall and around the whole facility added to the peaceful atmosphere, making it an ideal setting for learning, reflection and growth.

Each day at the camp began with Christian living classes, where the campers were taught Seven Laws of Success by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. The classes emphasized the camp theme and helped the campers understand the importance of setting the right goals, pursuing education, maintaining good health, developing drive and resourcefulness, persevering through challenges and establishing a strong connection with God.

Outdoor sports and activities played a significant role in the campers’ daily routines. Soccer, kickball and swimming were some of the favorites among the campers. The resort also offered team-building and confidence-building rides that challenged the campers both physically and mentally. The highlight of these activities was a thrilling 4 km trek along the forest mountain trails of the resort, which began with camp fishing, adding an exciting twist to the experience.

The campers participated in various service workshops, as part of the preparation of them having the potential to serve God in the future. Boys attended workshops on public speaking and song leading, while girls learned the art of baking Passover unleavened bread, calligraphy and lettering. In addition, they could choose two skills workshops from an impressive array, including baking choco moist cake, baking cinnamon bread, Bible journaling, journalism, basic webcasting, flower arrangements and basic electrical house wiring.

Camp also featured career guidance workshops to help the campers prepare for their future. These sessions aimed to instill a proper mindset and assist the campers in making informed decisions about their career paths, ensuring that they set themselves on the right tracks and fulfillment.

The camp concluded with Bible study Q&A on Friday night, followed by an exciting Bible Bowl quiz on Saturday morning. The afternoon Sabbath services were webcast to the whole Philippines, allowing the campers to participate in a larger spiritual community. This spiritual bonding and growth left a lasting impact on the campers, fostering a sense of unity and connection with God.

As the camp drew to a close, a short exit survey and evaluation were conducted among the staff and campers to gather feedback and suggestions for future improvements. The campers were also recognized and celebrated during the awarding ceremony, commending their performances and individual distinctions throughout the week.

Camp Philippines 2023 was undoubtedly a blessed experience for everyone involved. The spiritual focus, coupled with the fun-filled activities, allowed the campers to grow not only in their knowledge and skills but also in their faith and understanding of themselves. All glory was given to God for another successful and impactful camp, leaving the campers and staff with cherished memories and a renewed sense of purpose.

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