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2023 Camp Report: Woodland

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2023 Camp Report


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On a sweltering hot and humid Georgia day, 110 campers and 70 staff arrived at Camp Woodland in Temple, Georgia, but as the Sabbath approached, cooling clouds and gentle rain set in—just enough to cool things down, without impacting planned activities. On Sabbath morning, campers and young adult staff gathered for an interactive Bible study where each dorm sat in a circle with dorm parents in the middle to facilitate meaningful discussions around different biblical personalities. At the end, a spokesperson from each dorm shared a summary of their assigned character and what the group discussed and learned. Discussion aids, created by the activity coordinators, gave insightful descriptions and background information for the biblical characters to help the dorm parents in preparing for the discussions with the campers.

After dinner were relaxed fellowship time and crafts. The Saturday night dance was the first of two—the second was an ’80s theme on the last night of camp.

Sunday morning, Christian living classes began with a stirring message about recognizing and being ready to answer our call from God. Afterward began a full week filled with engaging and well-prepared Christian living classes, and sports and fun activities, including volleyball, basketball, team challenge, archery, speed-away, high and low ropes, ultimate frisbee, dance class, chess class and more!

Each evening the whole camp came together for a group activity. The first evening kicked off with a thrilling “roller derby” event where multiple types of wheeled items were used by teams in a relay race in the gym.

During camp, we strive to provide our teens with tools to navigate the challenges they face in their daily lives. Part of the process is helping them understand how God is going to bring them through many of the same struggles Jesus went through—including loneliness, temptation, unpopularity and criticism. Helping our teens see their problems from God’s perspective can help them submit to His sovereign hand as He works to make them more like Christ. Thanks for your prayers for all of our UCG Youth Camps—God certainly answered them.