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2023 Feast of Tabernacles: Argentina

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2023 Feast of Tabernacles


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Gobernador Roca

The Obera congregation met in the town of Gobernador Roca, Misiones, Argentina. There were 66 people in attendance and all went as planned. On Thursday, Oct. 5, Marcelo Dinter was baptized. Everyone enjoyed the Feast very much, and it enriched each person’s spiritual life.

Florentino Ameghino

A Feast site was held on rented land in the town of Florentino Ameghino, Argentina. There were 24 people in attendance. The good weather allowed for an open-air Bible study for the children. The Feast was very profitable in this tranquil place, and brethren were encouraged to cultivate a close relationship with God in every way.

San Martin de Los Andes

In San Martin de los Andes, a city in the northwest area of the Argentine Patagonia, the southernmost Feast in Latin America took place. This town, located on the shores of Lácar Lake and close to many natural parks, in the midst of forests, lakes and glaciers, was the place chosen by God to gather 38 brethren from Argentina and Chile.

Most of the group stayed at the Hotel La Fontaine de Rotui, with a beautiful outdoor garden and a beautiful river nearby. We met in a room full of large windows, where daily services were held during the Feast of Tabernacles and the Eighth Day. These large windows showed us the beauty outside and a foretaste of the “Millennium,” where its inhabitants will listen to God’s inspired word. All enjoyed the famous Argentinean food and barbecues. We had the opportunity to share activities dedicated to children, seniors and the group in general in this beautiful hotel.