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2023 Feast of Tabernacles: Branson, Missouri

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2023 Feast of Tabernacles

Branson, Missouri

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God abundantly blessed 703 brethren attending the Feast in Branson, Missouri, at the very comfortable Presleys’ Theater.

On opening day, we were encouraged by president Rick Shabi's message to more fully appreciate the joyous, righteous rule that will bring peace to earth. Truly fearing God is a key to developing the divine nature. Many expressed their delight with the powerful music in the welcome video presentation.

Speakers gave encouraging messages to help us envision the millennial rule of Christ on earth. Several messages gave us a biblical description of what it will be like to be literal children of God. As the world comes out of captivity, they will be teachable unlike many in our deceived world today. They will have the opportunity to choose God’s way. Our faith training now involves the need to grow in godly judgment, justice, wisdom and endurance. We are to be single-minded on the Kingdom and being doers of the Word.

Family day services gave insight into who will be in the Millennium to serve others in knowing and honoring our Heavenly Father. Donated stuffed animals for our children filled the stage three rows deep with so many critters the children were able to go back for seconds!

As rain threatened our family day cookout on Thursday, brethren were asked to pray for relief from our Father for the next afternoon. The rain stopped in the morning and 320 joyful brethren attended the cookout picnic and family day activities.

Our general Bible study gave insight into understanding the prophetic book of Micah.

Many seniors enjoyed a delicious luncheon hosted by Vince and Carol Szymkowiak which included participation from the audience and musical presentations.

Brethren were extremely generous in their donations to Families Helping Families. We were able to cover many of our activity expenses because of the love of the brethren for one another.