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2023 Feast of Tabernacles: Cabo Frio, Brazil

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2023 Feast of Tabernacles

Cabo Frio, Brazil

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The quaint town of Cabo Frio in Brazil was the venue this year for the Feast of Tabernacles. This Feast was quite different from the other Feasts that have been held in Brazil in that history was made in the Portuguese work. Six of our Angolan members were able to travel to Brazil to attend the Feast with the Brazilian brethren. After applying for visas months ago, the Angolan brethren, joyously, and after all the heartfelt prayers that were offered up to God, finally received their visas on the very day of their departure to Brazil. Four of our members from the northern area of Maloca de Moscou were given the opportunity to join us for the Feast, as well.

In total, there were 40 brethren from northern and southern Brazil, Angola and the United States, one Zoom connection from the satellite Brazilian site of Maloca de Moscou with 26 people watching, and two connections from Portugal.

Very special music was provided by the Angolan and Brazilian brethren and was enjoyed by all. Services were held in English and Portuguese with simultaneous English and Portuguese translations. The powerful messages included: our need to be developing holy, righteous, godly character by being diligent and practicing God’s ways; our need to be peacemakers and forgive others; that God’s way is the only way to truly being happy—the true key to reconciliation is reconciling with God first; and that the resurrection is the only hope for mankind. Also, we were encouraged to hold fast as the days ahead will be getting far worse.

Many fun activities were held at the Feast. These included a boat ride up the northern coast with stops on four beaches, a ladies’ tea, a cheese and wine evening and a beach family day.

The Feast concluded by all gathering on the beach after services on the Eighth Day and watching the sunset. It was time to say good-bye, although with heavy hearts, but we were thankful to God for what He made possible!

Adeus, até o próximo ano!

To watch a video clip of Feast photos and special music that a Brazilian lady who attended the Feast in Brazil put together, visit the following link: https://drive. google.com/file/d/1B6PfhFgwHEVxfbHd4r0J8eWBZ3eoUEBu/view?usp=drivesdk

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