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2023 Feast of Tabernacles: Cincinnati, Ohio

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2023 Feast of Tabernacles

Cincinnati, Ohio

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Brethren keeping the Feast in Cincinnati enjoyed warm fellowship and inspiring instruction on God’s plan—along with opportunities for a variety of fun activities! Four retired pastors shared their wealth of experience through inspiring messages. They, and other elders, focused much on the role of teaching God’s way in the Kingdom. Attendance peaked at 296.

Many attending at the Holiday Inn Eastgate found great convenience in having services in the same hotel where most members lodged. After the first day’s services, most of the brethren sat down for a group buffet dinner in the next room. Mid-Feast, the meeting room was transformed into a large game room where brethren could enjoy a taco buffet and a variety of games, including Bible trivia. Following tradition for the site, the Eighth Day was welcomed in with a group hymn sing in which brethren requested their favorites.

Members enjoyed area attractions such as the Newport Aquarium, the Ark Experience and the Cincinnati Zoo. A youth activity was arranged at Altitude Trampoline park. A terrific feature of the Cincinnati Feast site is that there are plenty of exciting opportunities for activities and dining, but a person who wants to could choose to relax and spend the entire Feast without driving anywhere.