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2023 Feast of Tabernacles: Estes Park, Colorado

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2023 Feast of Tabernacles

Estes Park, Colorado

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More than 230 brethren from around the world gathered to celebrate God’s appointed Feast days in breathtaking Estes Park, Colorado. As directed by God, His people gathered in fellowship, spiritual food and rejoicing for the coming Kingdom in the awe-inspiring beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Herds of elk, mule deer, flocks of wild turkeys and other creatures filled the air with a joyful noise in a truly millennial setting, demonstrating a shadow of what God’s Kingdom will hold for all mankind. Inspired words of instruction, exhortation and hope flowed daily to God’s people, highlighted by a new interactive presentation format. Voices were lifted in praise to God every day in truly magnificent special music performances as many brethren shared their talents and gifts.

Brethren participated in a variety of family activities, including a joy-filled day at Fun City involving go-karts, mini golf, gem panning and many others. Nearly half of the brethren joined one another in touring the Rocky Mountain National Park in guided jeeps that brought them to stunning hiking locations and wildlife viewing. The family activities were complemented by a family dance in which 80 brethren enjoyed music, visiting and high-quality concessions. In addition, there were hospitality rooms for the teens and young adults, youth instruction, an ABC presentation, a senior luncheon and an interactive Bible study for all ages that proved the infallibility of the Bible. The warmth of fellowship and God’s love was keenly felt throughout the Feast, and we are truly grateful for God’s blessing and the building up of His people.